Are you able to convert $ 5,000 into $ 100,000?
Mad Stock Broker an android game that makes financial markets funny

Mad Stock Broker The stock exchange game with which you can test your skills by trading shares. But the funny thing is the fastest move, so you have to make quick decisions. The application shows real financial market charts.

As we know, anyone can buy shares in the stock market, but 90% of people lose more than 50% of their money, even if was learning technical analysis of the financial markets. We all see the same quotes grows and falls, how difficult it is to know when to open and when to close a trade, establish our loss limits and risk management.

Mad Stock Broker uses real financial market charts, they are not the same prices, they are the same movements that stocks had in the past. Here, you have the same chaotic movement of the markets so you will have realistic profits.

Mad Stock Broker does not teach you how to buy stocks, it teaches you how to make money from the stock market. You can open and close your trade at any time for 3 minutes. Are you able to convert $ 5,000 into $ 100,000?

You can practice with the basic techniques
• Enter when the price exceeds its maximum or minimum
• Look for a sudden change in direction
• Follow the trend of prices.
• Manage your balance.

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