Earn Real Money Forecasting the Financial Market Without Investing
Mad Binary Broker an Android game with real Financial Market charts

With this version you will earn real money while learning to trade in the financial market. Mad Binary Broker a stock exchange android game with which you earn real money without investing. The application uses real financial markets charts.

Three times a day you will receive a message, when you receive it, press on the message to activate the application. Then you will see an advance of the chart and you will have to forecast if the share will rise or fall. If you get it right, you’ll win the raised or lowered amount. They are real charts of the financial market.

You have 5 forecasting opportunities in each message.

As we know, anyone can buy shares in the stock market, but 90% of people lose more than 50% of their money, even if they have taken some technical financial analysis course. The best is that you do not need to invest, but you can earn real money.

With Mad Binary Broker you are going to earn money every day applying your knowledge of the financial markets and you are going to have great fun

You can apply several strategies:
• Follow the trend.
• Apply counter-trend
• Higher value stocks can give more profit.

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