You are in a heated discussion with your boss nearly the physical fight, suddenly he say “you are fired!” Finiquitos Mexico a solution of @aerostatomx

FinMexYou no longer tolerate your boss; and in a meeting discussing your performance, you get caught up in the mood and the only thing you want is to kick his ass, when suddenly he says “you’re fired”. The first human resources despartament is to force you to sign your waiver by offering you a lower liquidation.
Finiquitos Mexico is an application that you must have at all times (if you live in Mexico, but note that there is always one for each country) because you do not know the day that you are going to be fired either for a lawsuit with your boss, because you stole something Of the company or simply because they are cutting staff.
You do not know when you’ll need it so you have to download it today.

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