If you want to buy a house or a apartment this app is very useful Sombrica of claroy EXTREMELY RECOMMENDED.

SombricaMany people may think this application is crap, in fact, there are fools about it, but if you want to buy or rent a house, department or office Sombrica will serve you. Sombrica is an application that tells you where there will be shade at a certain time and time of the year, and therefore where there will be sun. By default the application gives you the shadow information in your position at time, but you can change the location from the map and also change the time and date to know where the sun will be.
The result, you can know if the house you are interested in will be a sunny or dark house and at what times of the year you will have more sun. Fantastic, well at least I like to live in sunny houses bathed by sunlight especially in the winter when I need it most.
I believe that realtors should take this application very seriously.

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